Central California Cockapoos has several studs whose puppy-making services are now available. Additional photos and copy of pedigree of any of these studs is available by request via e-mail: All of the following studs are AKC-traceable. They have had eye exams as recommended by CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation) and have had their DNA tested for PRCD, a genetic progressive eye disorder. They also have their knees/patellas checked as recommended by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) before being bred. A Brucellosis test will be required if the female has been previously bred. The stud fee is typically the equivilent cost of a puppy. Contact Rusty Nelson, 559-970-4502 for specific requirements.

  • rydher-copy1

    • Reddy Rydher
    • Reddy Rydher (a.k.a. Reggie) is a curly red tuxedo, 4th generation Cockapoo. He was whelped on 11/14/08. Breeder: Lucile Bailey, Crossville, TN. His sire, Waggles, is a 3rd generation red & cream parti and his dam, Rouge, is a 3rd generation red Cockapoo. Reggie weighed 11 1/2-lbs. at one year. For more information, call Rusty Nelson at 559-970-4502 or or e-mail
  • Our Poos - Eli

    • Einstein
    • Einstein is a 3rd generation chocolate merle Cockapoo and was whelped on 7/21/09. Breeder: Rusty Nelson, Fresno, CA. Sire, Rusty’s Count Chocolatte, is a 2nd generation chocolate merle and dam, Birdwalk’s Esther, is a black 3rd generation. Einstein weighs just over 9 lbs. or more information about Einstein, call Rusty Nelson at 559-970-4502 or or e-mail
  • STUDS-Leo

    • Leo
    • 7/4/02 – 11/30/09
    • Rusty’s smiling Leo was a creme-colored 3rd generation Cockapoo. Eight-pound Leo sired many loving little toy Cockapoo puppies. He had a wonderfully sweet disposition and is missed. Stew’s Poos is fortunate to have his memory live on in his granddaughters and great-granddaughters.