Cockapoos are a popular combination of the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel. They are good with children, making the Cockapoo an excellent family dog, or a wonderful companion for a senior.

There is little to no shedding, making them allergy-friendly (sometimes referred to as “hypo-allergenic.") Cockapoos have a long life span and they are also less likely to develop genetic defects than their purebred parents, due to the phenomenon called hybrid vigor. They are also…

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Check out Rusty’s available Cockapoo puppies!

CCC logoOur pal, Rusty, in Fresno also got a new website out of the deal, and you can check out a more basic blog type update on his currently available puppies at Central California

Once some details are sorted out when it comes to making sure none of this is too complicated we’ll see about maybe adding more features there, but for now, this is just a separate place to find Rusty’s list of Cockapoos.

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Available Cockapoo puppies

STEW’S POOS BREAKING NEWS: We have two puppies remaining who are looking for their forever homes out of the Baker’s dozen born at the beginning of July. Lilly and Sammy had two puppies on Aug. 14: a black male and a black & white female who are currently being offered to the families on our wait list. Daizee is due to whelp at the end of the month (apricot, 9 lbs., bred to Sammy, apricot merle and white parti, 14 lbs.) and we expect buff/apricot/red colors.

STEW’S POOS NEWS: Rusty Nelson, of Central California Cockapoos, has been in and out of the hospital in the past three months due to a serious infection resulting from diabetes. Assuming he’d be back on his feet by now, his cousin continued with the breeding program, and four litters were born last month. Please check Rusty’s website,, for photos and more information.

It is a good idea to plan for the new addition to your family in advance by getting on our wait list. At this time there can be an approximate 2-3 month wait or longer. Email for an application.

STEW’S POOS Crew: Join the Stew’s Poos Crew on Facebook to see news, share comments and view short videos.

All puppies Stews’ Poos pups are registered with the American Cockapoo Club. We are a licensed breeder through the County of Kern (PP12269) and are inspected annually. Proof of the parent dogs´ patella luxation exam, along with copies of the parents´ pedigrees, including available AKC-registration numbers will be provided to new owners. Our parent dogs have their eye exams, as recommended by CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation). We have also have parent dogs’ DNA tested for five different genetic disorders.

We order crates, toys and grooming supplies from a company that sells to groomers, breeders and pet shops and so we are able to order these necessities at a considerable discount from pet store prices. We offer new families a puppy starter package for $150 (starter crate, bed, food, brush, nail clippers, shampoo, piddle pads, harness, leash, toys and more). E-mail us at for more information about everything that is included.

Our pups are sold with a one year warranty stating that they are free of genetic life-threatening physical defects which would interfere with their ability to be a good pet or cause great expense. Also, within five days of your bringing your new puppy home, if the dog is not found to be sound and in good health (worms and parasites excepted) by your veterinarian, you may return the dog for a full refund.

Prices for our ‘Poo pups are $1500. Notice goes out to those on our waiting list after the pups are born. Those still interested should either telephone or e-mail and let us know. At that time, a non-refundable, 20 percent deposit is requested, which will be deducted from the total cost of the dog.

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Check out Rusty’s available Cockapoo puppies!

Our pal, Rusty, in Fresno also got a new website out of the deal, and you can check out a more basic…

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